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Do I need a CBT?

Compulsory basic training (CBT) was introduced in 1990 to help reduce the very high accident rate among inexperienced motorcyclists. CBT must be completed before a learner moped or motorcycle rider is allowed to ride on the road with L-plates.

You will need to complete CBT if;

You want to ride a moped (a moped has an engine not over 50 cc with maximum design speed not exceeding 50 kilometres per hour (km/h) which is approximately 31 miles per hour)

You want to ride a motorcycle.

If you obtained your full car licence before 1 February 2001 you do not need to complete a CBT to ride a moped

What does a CBT involve?

The CBT course involves five elements:

A. introduction

B. practical on-site training

C. practical on-site riding

D. practical on-road training

E. practical on-road riding

The five elements have to be completed in sequence, although the order of the exercises within the element can be varied. You will only move on to the next element when we are satisfied you have learnt the necessary theory and demonstrated the practical skills to a safe basic level. Trainees receive a minimum two hour on-road ride in Element E.

When all five elements have been satisfactorily completed, a certificate of completion, called the DL196, is issued.  It is important that the holder of a DL196 considers the following points:

A DL196 certificate validating a provisional moped or provisional motorcycle entitlement lasts for two years - CBT will have to be retaken if both theory and practical tests are not passed within the two year certificate life

For moped entitlement only, if you pass your car driving test whilst your DL196 is still current or complete a CBT course and obtain a DL196 after passing your car test, the certificate is not subject to expiry, you will therefore need to keep your DL196 certificate safely. Please note that this applies to mopeds only, for riding motorcycles as a learner the DL196 remains valid for 2 years.

Do I need any equipment for my CBT?

No, we can provide all riding equipment. Please let us know when booking if you need to borrow our riding equipment. This is included within the price as is fully comprehensive insurance when using our bikes.

What is the Third Driving Licence Directive (3DLD)?

Here we go again. The EU have arbitrarily decided that the licence structure will change from January 2013 making the route to a full unrestricted licence a rather tortuous one.

The new Driving Licence Directive 3DLD will be implemented from the 19th January 2013, which will affect both members of the public and the motorcycle industry. This is not retrospective, so anyone currently holding a licence will not be affected, but it will impact the ages at which future young riders can access certain machines and motorcycle trainers will need to purchase new motorcycles to meet the new minimum test vehicle specifications.

3DLD is European legislation, aimed to encourage those who begin motorcycling at 16 to take a series of tests as they progress to bigger bikes and also to delay the age at which young riders can access larger bikes.

For further details see here

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OUR CBT COURSES ARE HELD IN WHITBY.                                 

You can complete a CBT at 16 on a moped. Get some independence

Enhanced Rider Scheme

Already passed your test? The enhanced rider scheme will help you further improve your skills.


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Direct Access 24+

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